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 The 5 courses are filled with over 200 videos. This fully designed learning program will take you from A-Z. Adam’s approach to teaching has been fortified by his time spent teaching the mechanically and logically gifted at MIT, Harvard, and Yale. Adam has also taught at the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy, the Julliard of China. Adam combines his knowledge of anatomy with physics to explain why and how tango happens. Adam’s practical knowledge will have you dancing at your very best, quickly. Watch the video below to see a clip of Adam teaching a “Tango Tip”. 

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"I'm loving your website, so much to learn. Awesome!"
“Your videos are really great – I am learning so much from them – especially on some of the things like enrosques etc that are broken down so well.”

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Access to 200+ classes with new tango classes coming out often. Start from the beginning of up your current tango game with Adam’s Tango Classes Online.

If you’re not happy with the classes for any reason, I have a 14-day money-back guarantee. I will refund your money completely with no questions asked.

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Portland Tango Teacher Adam Cornett
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Adam is currently living in Portland Oregon and travels the world teaching. The best way to contact him is through email or facebook.


Can I Learn Tango Online?

Learning tango online is very achievable. Many dancers do this every day by watching other dancers perform. They will watch better dancers on video and then try to emulate that themselves.

I have students who have studied online from the beginning then started to go out to milongas (social dance parties) within a few weeks of starting to study with me online.

I had the opportunity to watch this student, after just a month of learning online, at a milonga and saw that they were doing excellently.
Originally it was taught and learned, as it is still much to this day in Argentina, as a “do what I do” kind of learning and teaching style.

Argentine teachers didn’t explain the why’s and the how’s. They simply had students stand behind them and copy their movements.
Your advantage of learning tango online with me is that you will be able to replay the videos as often as you like.

You can go backwards and forward listening to every word I say and making sure you’re doing it right. In class you often hear it just once or twice, then you’re moving on to the next part.

You are in total control. All that being said, I always believe that accompanying your online training with the occasional private lesson from a highly qualified teacher will only advance your training faster. I am happy to be your tango teacher and look forward to helping you in your tango learning journey.

– Adam Cornett

Get To Know Your Teacher, Adam Cornett

Adam Cornett was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He began dancing in 2000 when he was 18 years old. After learning many dances Adam quit learning all the other dances so that he could focus specifically on Argentine Tango. Adam taught locally for 12 years in Portland with just a few traveling jobs in those years. In 2014 Adam moved to Boston to partner with Tilly Kimm, his first professional partner. 

Adam and Tilly were invited to teach in many festivals and to teach workshops in many cities around the US and the World. Adam and Tilly won the US Salon Championship in 2016. In 2018 Adam partnered with world Champion Maria Ines Bogado for a short tour in the US and in 2018-2019 Adam partnered with world champion Jesica Arfenoni.

In 2019 Adam moved to China to teach tango in Beijing and taught at the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy. 

Adam moved back to Portland at the end of 2019 to take care of his mother and has begun teaching classes in Portland. Adam is once again a Portland Tango teacher.