Archives: August 2015

Mundial 2015 (World Tango Championships)

Yesterday the Mundial de Tango 2015 finished. The results are: Jonathan Saaveedra y Clarissa Aragon (Argentina) Cristian Poloma y Melisa Sacchi (Argentina) Germán Ballejo y Magdalena (Magu) Gutiérrez (Argentina) 2015 Mundial de Tango Pista (Salon) Rankings Tango Salon Preliminaries Tango Salon SemiFinals Tango Salon Finals Unfortunately none of the American...

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Tersichoral’s (Iona May Italia) post about us :)

Terpsi, if you are unfamiliar with her, is possibly the most read tango blogger. She has a facebook page with a high readership which she posts daily on. The other day Terpsi shocked us when she posted this: "I love watching dancers develop over time. He was one of my...

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