Adam Cornett

Adam Cornett has been dancing tango since 2000. He has been teaching since 2001 when he began assisting Rachel Lidskog and Alex Krebs in their Portland tango classes. Adam quickly developed his own style of teaching and has developed it over his many years. Adam admires the ways of the old guard and continues to learn the history and movements of the old milongueros by way of Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games. He has taken over 100 privates with them and continues to take privates from them. Adam has taught and traveled throughout the world, partnered with top level dancers, taught thousands of students, taught at the most prestigious universities. To read about Adam’s full past go here: ABOUT ADAM

Marina godinez

Having taken her first tango steps at the age of 10, Marina knew that she wanted to pursue dance at a young age. Her family are all dancers and musicians and when it came time to branch out into her own artistic desires, she found tango in Portland in 2016. After a year Marina moved to Boston where she began studying with Adam. With the intention on becoming a tango teacher, Marina moved to Boston with Adam to study further with Adam and his new partner, world champion, Jesica Arfenoni. After a year of studying with them, Marina and Adam, now in a relationship, moved to Beijing where they taught locally. Marina has been assisting Adam in classes ever since and now 5 years later and 7 years into her tango journey, she is partnering with Adam, her now husband, as well as teaching on her own in Portland.