Opinion Pieces

Adam’s Note to Leaders

Every week one of my students comes to our private lesson with “feedback.” The feedback she tells me about is the feedback that numerous leaders in the community have been giving her. For many weeks I just answered her questions regarding the feedback (often times I was telling her that...

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Mundial 2015 (World Tango Championships)

Yesterday the Mundial de Tango 2015 finished. The results are: Jonathan Saaveedra y Clarissa Aragon (Argentina) Cristian Poloma y Melisa Sacchi (Argentina) Germán Ballejo y Magdalena (Magu) Gutiérrez (Argentina) 2015 Mundial de Tango Pista (Salon) Rankings Tango Salon Preliminaries Tango Salon SemiFinals Tango Salon Finals Unfortunately none of the American...

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