Tango Beginner

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Welcome to your first course in Argentine Tango. This course covers the first month of tango classes that I would teach in person. We walk through the connection and using that connection to walk forward, backward and side. Also you will learn your first tango move, the check step. This is a great first move for navigation when you go to the milongas (tango dance parties). Lastly we will focus in on the track systems. Tango has two track systems (cross and parallel). For the leaders, learning how to walk in and out of cross system comes in handy throughout the dance.

Adam Cornett has been dancing tango since 2000. He was the 2016 US Champion and has partnered with a couple world champions (Ines Bogado and Jesica Arfenoni). Adam has traveled throughout the US and Asia teaching tango He studies every year in Argentina with his main teachers of tango history Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games as well as Horacio Godoy and many others. Adam has recently moved back from Beijing to his hometown of Portland Oregon to take care of his mother after a huge surgery.