Portland Tango Calendar

The Portland Tango Calendar is a place to find classes, milongas, and workshops. If you are a new dancer the Portland Tango Calendar is a good place to start. There are many teachers offering beginning and intermediate classes all throughout the Portland metro area. If you’re already studying with someone and want more, or you’d like to start on your own first, you can try the online classes on this website. 

Portland Tango Calendar - Classes

Starting out as a new tango dancer can be a bit nerve racking. We are unsure which teacher to try, we feel nervous about doing something new, we are unsure if we will able to keep up with the others in the class. We have all been there. Using the Portland Tango Calendar you can find all the teacher in Portland and see what they are offering. 

I offer beginning classes and intermediate classes in St. John’s. You can find information here on my website. If you’d rather start with a private lesson, I offer private lessons to dancers of all levels. 

Portland Tango Calendar - Milongas

What is a milonga? A milonga is essentially a tango dance party. This is where we come together to dance with one another. The Dj will play Golden era tango music and we will dance for 3-5 hours. All are welcome at milongas in Portland. If you’d like to find a place to social dance in Portland, use this Portland Tango Calendar – Milongas. 

Portland’s milongas are well known throughout the US. Portland is a welcoming group of people. Using the Portland Tango Calendar you can find all different kinds of milongas. During the summer the Portland Tango community hosts some wonderful outdoor milongas. 

Portland also boasts two tango bands, dozens of tango teachers, and dancing practically every night of the week. 

Portland Tango Calendar