Private Lessons with Adam Cornett

Private lessons, in my opinion, are the best and fastest way to become a competent dancer in Tango. I have taught thousands to dance and over my 19+ years of teaching tango the dancers that learn and enjoy tango the quickest are those that take privates. 

The question usually come in: “How fast can I learn Tango?”

The answer to this is, of course, it depends. I will give you a couple of examples:

Student one took one private per week for 5 months, they went out dancing 4-5 nights per week. In 5 months this student became on of the best followers in Portland in just 5 months. 

Student two took almost 100 privates with me. In that time she became a top follower in the US and became a favorite among the top leaders at Tango Marathons. She dedicated herself to becoming a great dancer.

If you want to be a tango dancer, it takes about 6 months of private lessons to become a very strong dancer. Contact me below to schedule your privates today. 

If you would like to schedule a private lesson, book a performance, or hire him to teach workshops in your community, send Adam a message her.