Tersichoral’s (Iona May Italia) post about us :)

Terpsi, if you are unfamiliar with her, is possibly the most read tango blogger. She has a facebook page with a high readership which she posts daily on. The other day Terpsi shocked us when she posted this:

"I love watching dancers develop over time. He was one of my favourite people to dance with socially when I visited the US a couple of years ago (we haven't coincided on this visit). I thought he was delightful to dance with and watch, even then. But now he has transformed his dancing and taken it to a different level -- I know how much work that takes! -- and, to my eye, she is absolutely exquisite in technique and musicality (and, although not relevant here, I also think it's cool that she is a very accomplished professional pianist and has a Harvard PhD in neuroscience -- that's one impressive woman). Ladies and gentleman, introducing my current favourite US professional couple: Adam Cornett and Tilly Kimm." 
- Iona May Italia

Terpsi has been living in Argentina for about the last 9 years working on her tango. Terpsi’s writing is astute. She often writes about the difficult topics in tango that most people shy away from. Her insight is clear and precise. I would recommend you take a look at her blog and/or her FB page. You can find them here:

Here is the video that she linked to on her page: